* John Odhiambo
* Edwin Mang'ate
* Kevin
Odera Oduor
*Daniel Kakuru Ngihia
*Samuel Mutie Ngui





Jambo Brothers is an acrobatic troupe that came into existence in the year 2005. Coming originally from the city of Nairobi, Kenya, what started out as a childhood past time turned out to be a career for all of its members.


Our group is currently composed of 5 members: John, Edwin, Daniel, Nelson and Samuel.


Our love for acrobatics, dance and gymnastics started out early in their childhood and in their later years developed into a profession.
Although not equipped at an early age with all the facilities and equipment to train what has driven them is their passion and love for the art and performing their skills in front of an audience.


Our group has been active since 2005 when we turned professional and decided to take this art to the next level.


We have been lucky to have performed in many stages and for many audiences both locally and internationally.


Some of the countries that we’ve performed in outside Kenya include: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Oman, Israel and Russia.